Clear Bumper Pads

Clear Bumper Pads

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The Crebri wall protector for door handle are designed to protect you interiors and reduce a slamming noise. Try placing our self-adhesive small bumpers on the wall for added protection and noise reduction. Need a bigger size? Check out our other products! We have a lot of variations.

These bumpers can be used everywhere and the application possibilities are endless.



  1. Material: Environmental PU (polyurethane)
  2. Colors: Transparent
  3. Diameter: 22mm
  4. Thickness: 11mm
  5. Adhesive: Crebri Multi-Surface Acrylic
  6. Scope of application: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, fridge, cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and much more.
  7. 12 PCS per pack